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Do you struggle with the daily challenge of getting enough rest?

Do you feel worn out all day long because you can’t get a good night’s sleep?

And do you have trouble falling asleep due to the thoughts and worries that flood your mind when you try to sleep?

If you answered “YES!” to these questions, you probably need the breakthrough solution now offered as the “Delta Sleep System” – a one-of-a-kind audio brain-wave therapy program you self-administer every night before going to bed.

brainThe “magic” of this audio recording is that it contains a scientifically-proven technology designed to stimulate the DELTA frequencies in your brain – which are directly responsible for feelings of deep relaxation and being able to go immediately to sleep.

With the Delta Sleep System, you’ll clear your mind of all the distractions, worries, fears, and anxieties that come from today’s daily grind and the world full of stress that we face as part of our “routine.”

If you don’t quell those disturbances that are going on in your brain, you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep – no matter what you might “take” to help you sleep!

Sleeping pills won’t erase your disturbing thoughts.

If anything, artificial relaxants make the situation worse – precisely because they don’t eliminate the “anti-sleep” brain waves (the Gamma waves) that are still floating around in the back of your mind, and will come up to disturb your sleep, as sure as the sun rises.

With the Delta Sleep System, this special audio recording uses a process called “Brainwave Entrainment” – which temporarily “re-trains” your brain to focus only on the Delta brain waves that let you enjoy deep, relaxing, restorative sleep.

freqIt works like this…

Basically, our brainwaves oscillate at a certain frequency – usually between 4 and 40 Hz.

The slower brainwaves are the Delta waves – with frequencies around 4 Hz.

Next come the Alpha waves… then Beta waves… and finally the Gamma waves at around 40 Hz or higher.

The problem is this: If your brain is working at the “fast-paced” Beta wave rate (which is what you’re normally operating on during a typical hectic day), then those waves are what will disturb your attempts at getting a good night’s sleep.

There has to be a way to turn off the “fast” frequencies and turn on the “slow” frequencies – the Delta waves.

And, using external stimuli such as sound, the brain can be “adjusted” to “mirror” the frequency of the slower Delta waves – and thereby put you instantly into a relaxed, sleep-inducing mental state.

The Delta Sleep System does this by using the latest breakthrough technology in brainwave adaptation.

It’s called “binaural beat” music – and it works on the principle that when two tones are played simultaneously yet aren’t in perfect tune, the human brain automatically adjusts and hears a frequency that’s right in the middle between those two tones.

Thus, your brain is forced to slow down to the speed of the sound – which is deliberately set at the Delta frequency (around 4 Hz).

With the use of headphones, we put the two different sound waves into each ear separately – but with nature sounds or soothing music to make it enjoyable to listen to.

Therefore, all you have to do is play the audio track (mp3 format) and let the Delta Sleep System do all the work.

You’ll feel your worries and cares float away – because your brain simply won’t be in the “highly active” mode. It will be slowed down from 40 Hz to 4 Hz – and you’ll be amazed at what a noticeable difference that makes!

You’ll fall asleep quickly and easily, and have such profoundly restful sleep, you’ll think you took a special drug that made you feel like a sleeping baby again!

Peace will fill your sleep, rather than disturbing thoughts that destroy a good night’s sleep.

You’ll STOP waking up in the middle of the night, frustrated that you can’t get back to sleep. Those annoying nights will be over when you use the Delta Sleep System.

Both me and my friend Thomas Di Leva have been working on ways for people to tap into the best versions of themselves for years.

We’ve released many products on meditation and productivity, and changed the lives of thousands of people.

One day when we talked on the phone we discussed how we could free up more energy, inspiration and self-power to all the people in this world.

After a moment of silence we both said, almost in complete synchronicity: Brainwave Entrainment! YES, this would be the perfect medium to accomplish this with.

Let’s make a Delta Sleep System to totally skyrocket the universal energy, life quality and holistic wellbeing of humanity on a deep, profound level.

Since Thomas Di Leva is one of the best audio producers in this field, we immediately set to work making this together in his studio.

After hundreds of hours of production, I tested it myself, and saw INSTANT results. And I mean INSTANT. Now, I use it almost every day.

I want to send you the special Delta Sleep System audio file. But before I do, I have a special gift for you.

You see, after a good night’s sleep in “Delta” mode, I can instantly put you in “Gamma” mode so that you’ll be ready to tackle the day!

The same process is used – only in the morning, you listen to our “Gamma Audio” recording – which immediately gives you a higher capacity for mental function.

With the Gamma Wake Up System, you’ll experience increased perception and awareness… better levels of mental energy… an improved problem-solving ability… as well as higher cognitive function and mental ‘acuity’.

You simply listen to the Gamma recording the moment you wake up, and your whole day will be “charged” without having to take your first sip of coffee!

Plus, the Gamma file contains positive “subliminal affirmations” that empower you and reinforce all the “repair” that happens to your brain after a good night’s sleep. tired

The importance of sleep can’t be over-estimated.

New research studies are now showing that most people aren’t getting proper sleep – and it’s ruining their lives.

If you feel that you’re a victim of the kind of bad sleep that is negatively impacting your life – and you’re willing to do something about it – the Delta Sleep System (with the Bonus Audio track for Gamma Wave activity) is a “survival tool” you can’t afford to be without!

You also receive a FREE ebook about developing good sleep habits. This is a handy guide on what to do and what not to do when you find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep.

You will be able to immediately download the audio files, which are available for the low price of only $37 – and includes the Bonus Audio for Gamma Wave Activity throughout your day.

With “Gamma in the morning” and “Delta at night” – you’ll feel like a new person in a matter of days. Within a week or two, you won’t even recognize your old life anymore.

You’ll feel like you’ve been released from a lifetime in prison!

And, since I back up my claims with a 100% 30 Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose but those sleepless nights and groggy mornings!

If the Delta Sleep System isn’t everything I say it is – and more – then you can get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid.

  • Stop wasting money on drugs to help you get through the day
  • Stop wasting time lying in bed thinking about all the things that are driving you crazy
  • Stop being powerless against your own bad habits
  • Start Being Happier, Healthier, and More Productive
  • Start Falling Asleep On Command and Sleeping Peacefully
  • Start Taking Control and getting the life you want

So do yourself a favor and TRY The Delta Sleep System & Gamma Wake Up System Risk-Free for 30 Days.

And you’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow morning!

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Try The Delta Sleep System & Gamma Wake Up System Risk-Free for 30 Days

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