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Here is a quick look at what will be available to you within a few minutes from now:

icon-logoBlueprint No. 1 – “The Higher Self: How To Embody The Dreams Of Your Soul And Blueprint Of Mastery." ($37 Value)

This is the ultimate guide to connect and integrate your higher self into your everyday life and dare to take that leap of change that is sometimes needed. If you truly want to change things in your life, read this book.

What you'll discover:

  • How You Can Be Fully Awake Instead Of Living On Unconscious Autopilot
  • Why The Subconscious Mind Is Your Autopilot & How You Can “Control” It
  • That You Attract What You Subconsciously Believe (Without Exception)
  • How You Can Practice The Simple Yet Profound Miracle Of Forgiveness To Change Your Life, By Understanding The Illusion Of Separation
  • How You Can Change Your Lifestyle & Integrate Your Highest Vision Now – No Matter Where You Are Right Now, And How You Feel
  • How You Can Be & Live The Highest Vision & Expression Of Yourself
  • You Can Take The Leap Of Faith Through Emotional Stretching & Trust

icon-logoThen we have Blueprint No. 2 – "The Inner Journey Of Ascension - When The Soul Awakens". ($37 Value)

An extensive overview of who we are and where we are heading within this lifetime, and you’re playing a huge part of this. This is your ultimate reminder of your purpose as a human being on planet earth.

What you'll discover:

  • That What You Seek Is Within You And How Tuning Into The Now Will Set You Free
  • You're A Wave, And You're Part Of The Ocean – We'll Dive Deep Into The Core Of Who You Are
  • What Matters Most To You Will “Literally” Be Matter (Manifested)
  • How You Can Transmute Fear Into Love
  • The State Of “Enlightenment” Is Available To You Now
  • The Mastery of Self – Who’s Pushing Your Buttons?

icon-logoBlueprint No. 3 – "The Frequency Instrument: You Attract By Vibration - A Guide to Your Emotions & Thoughts". ($37 Value)

Are you in tune with life, or out of tune? You are an instrument of the universe, so it's time NOW to know yourself and your abilities, as you're playing the strings of your unique song....So choose to play it consciously.

Read this and inspire yourself to be a conscious creator. If you're tired of not having the energetic wind in your sails, now is the time to be the change you want to see in the world...

What you'll discover:

  • How Your Body Is A Frequency Instrument, Working In Concert With the Universe
  • How The Void Of Transformation And Letting Go Can Help You Heal On A Deep Emotional Level
  • The Power Of Integrity & Self Responsibility Is Key To Success And Balance
  • Why The Power Of Your Imagination Holds The Seed To Everything, You Want In Life And How You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life
  • How Your Feelings Are Your Compass In Life, And How You Can Use Them To Get Where You Want To Be
  • Discover The Power Of Your Own Sacred Heart

icon-logoBlueprint No. 4 – “The 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint For An Abundant Mindset & Living Your True Purpose". ($37 Value)

I’ve discovered The 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint For An Abundant Mindset & Living Your True Purpose...

Those 7 keys are:

#1) Witnessing Yourself
#2) Being in the Natural State of Being
#3) Changing Your Inner Focus
#4) Daring to Let Go
#5) Wanting What You Need (Instead of Needing What You Want)
#6) Understanding Your Fears

And finally…

#7) Allowing Yourself to Accept

Now, I’m going to tell you… there’s not enough time to go into details on all of these. But when you apply these 7 keys to your life and understand them fully, deeply, intuitively… you will unlock what you’ve been keeping away from yourself.

Your inner power.

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